Sauereisen SewerSeal™ No. F-170 Calcium Aluminate Cement

  • Easier to mix. Easier to spincast and spray.
  • Trowelable.
  • Better hang and build up to 50mm.
  • Can be top coated with SewerGard™ epoxy systems in extreme environments.

Sauereisen SewerSeal No. F-170 is a cementitious water infiltration barrier for use in wastewater collection systems. The product is 100% Calcium Aluminate cement with finely graded inert aggregate, thereby offering notable resistance to corrosion related to hydrogen sulphide (H2S) common to wastewater environments.

SewerSeal™ rehabilitates, protects and seals deteriorated masonry and concrete structures.

Typical applications include; Manholes, wet wells, pipes and pump stations.

SewerSeal™ No.F-170 exhibits high strength to withstand high loads imposed upon underground infrastructure.

Application is typically carried out from ground level in manholes by spincast application.


Key characteristics

Economical                                                              High Strength

Corrosion Resistant                                              Stops water infiltration

Apply by spincast, spray or trowel                    Moisture tolerant

Low permeability                                                    Fibre reinforced

High build to 50mm                                                Reduced mixing time


Contact PCP today to discuss your requirements for current or planned projects. PCP can also assist with application and equipment.

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