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DDN Sports Breaking News: Newly Released Ray Rice Video Shows Couple in Cuffs, Kissing After Elevator Punch

According to ABC News: Turns out there even more surveillance video Ray Rice doesn want you to see.

ABC News today exclusively obtained a copy of the security camera video that shows the ugly aftermath of the assault earlier this year when Ray Rice punched his now wife in an Atlantic City casino and knocked her unconscious.

The nearly 45 minutes of never before seen footage shows a clearly distraught Janay Palmer, Rice then fiancee and now wife, unwilling to talk to him after the NFL star had punched her inside an elevator on Feb. 15 at the now closed Revel casino.

Palmer is seen physically pushing Rice away from her when he approached her immediately after the incident. Palmer was then protected by hotel security guards as Rice attempted to move closer.

The video then shows Palmer going through something of an emotional evolution in the middle of the night. Almost immediately after the assault, she appears angry. Soon after, Palmer begins to cry. And by the time she and Rice are both escorted into an elevator handcuffed she appears to kiss and nuzzle the one time NFL star.

Both Rice and Palmer were arrested that night and charged with one count of assault each. The charge against Palmer was later dropped for evidence, while the charge against Rice was upgraded to aggravated assault.

The former Baltimore Ravens running back is a sports celebrity in New Jersey because of his college career at Rutgers. He was admitted to a probationary program that would allow the criminal charge to be dismissed next year. Once a video of the assault appeared online, the Ravens cut Rice and the NFL suspended him indefinitely. The league penalty was later overturned.

Rice went to court to stop ABC News from obtaining the recording, but lost. Rice attorney, Peter Ginsberg, was disappointed that the new video was made public.

is a time of healing and he, quite naturally, doesn want another media showing of what must have been the worst event of his life, Ginsberg said in an interview today. the media ought to be focusing on is the issue of domestic violence. new video shows hotel staffers concerned with Palmer condition, bringing a wheelchair to her in case she had trouble walking and then giving her first aid. It shows Rice agitated at times, being kept at a distance from Palmer and talking on the phone at one point.

By the time cops and hotel security are prepared to move the player out of the lobby area, Rice is handcuffed and led away by the arm. A cop can be seen pulling the hood of his sweatshirt over Rice head.

The startling moment comes in the elevator the same or similar elevator as the one where the assault occurred when Palmer stretches her neck so she can kiss and nuzzle Rice. The two are then walked separately to waiting police cheap jerseys china cars. Gaming Enforcement Division.

Since winning his appeal of the NFL indefinite suspension, Rice has started re emerging into public life. He appeared on NBC last month. On Thursday night, aware that the new video would be released, Rice appeared at a charity event in Baltimore and talked about the incident.

“I made a horrible mistake in my life, but if you truly believe in second chances, they will forgive me, Rice said at the event. Pat Tillman is famous for having left the NFL and a $3.6 million contract in order to serve his country after September 11, 2001. Pat Tillman family was originally told that he had been shot by enemy forces while charging up a hill, but it was later discovered that he was shot by friendly fire. Former Army Ranger Steven Elliott spoke about the events of April 22, 2004 and thinks that he may have been the one who shot Pat Tillman during the events of that day.

Nearly a decade since the tragic death of Army Ranger and former NFL star Pat Tillman due to friendly fire, one of Tillman comrades has admitted he could have been the one who fired the fatal shots.

is possible, in my mind, that I hit him, Elliott said.

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The Army initially told Tillman family he was killed by enemy fire while charging up a hill to protect fellow Army Rangers. Shortly after his funeral, it was revealed that the Army had investigated Tillman death and determined he was killed by his own men.

Although Elliott doesn know with certainty whether he was responsible, the circumstances surrounding the accident suggest he may have been the one who inadvertently shot Tillman:

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